Who Are We?

Kanga is a traditional fabric in Africa, and KangaAfrica is an activist brand & social enterprise that aims to empower and restore hope to African women through the making of tribal dolls, bags, accessories and clothes.

KangaAfrica, being built to create sustainable income for single mothers is the financial business of Assalam Community Foundation, which provides the opportunity of education and employment for the mothers of children who are in need.

Mothers are included in all the processes of production, design and sales by using natural materials preferably, after three months of sewing training. A local fabric called “kanga” is used for all the designed products.

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Our Employees. 

Empowered women from neigbour villages, who hold up their communities and their families. They are wise, beautiful women who are learning, sharing and inspiring us every day.

Handmade. Each product of KangaAfrica is made by hand. There is a lot of love that goes into these products, which represents the commitment of each woman to her children, her community, and her culture. The women of Sitti Soap Company work hard to create unique, quality and beautiful products for you.

Now is your chance to be a part of the KangaAfrica movement. Order one of our products and support their family and community with of your purchase.

Beyond the Workshop. 

KangaAfrica seeks to explore the secret powers of women, which will be beneficial for Africa while it supports their productivity, in accordance with their interests, abilities and capacities.

KangaAfrica support mothers by organizing trainings such as sewing, entrepreneurship, business administration and English and aims to help skilled women to have a profession. At the same time, it does not neglect the material and spiritual development of the mothers who raise the new generation, with a holistic approach and focus.

KangaAfrica is about building a self-sustaining enterprise for the women of Africa, while also helping to support community-based programming for women and girls. As our profits grow, so we do our educational and skill-development programs in a better way. We do our best to support programs that will ultimately bring greater independence and freedom to African women and their communities.